Client Testimonials

I have three retirements, multiple investments and many donations. Prior to using Steele, I tried various other tax preparers including chains and computer programs. None of them could consistently and correctly answer my questions and sometimes I found problems in the returns. Since Steele Jones has been my CPA, I’ve had confidence in the filing of my complicated tax return. Steele is cautious, meticulous and accurate. I enjoy working with Steele during the preparation and filing of my returns, and happily recommend him to anyone needing tax assistance.” – Don T., Soddy Daisy

Steele Jones has conducted all my accounting work since 2003, and he’s done a superb job. He handles my personal as well as my business accounting and files all my federal and state taxes. My business is rather complex since I am the only employee of a C-Corporation and conduct projects for my clients using up to 10 highly specialized subcontractors. Most of my clients are major utilities or large national engineering firms throughout the United States. Steele prepares my invoices to clients, most of which require special formatting, and includes billing for all my subs as well as the year-end 1099- tax filings as required by IRS. Regarding our personal taxes, these include accounting work for rental properties (including my office). Steele uses Excel based workbooks that helps us work together in a more efficient manner when providing information to him for his use and reviewing the data bases and analyses he conducts. Steele also assists me in year-end planning for tax payments so they are consistent with annual income and tax deductions to avoid unreasonable tax payments. – Richard R., Chattanooga, TN

Some years ago as a rental investor, I began looking for a qualified CPA who was experienced and honest in interpreting tax laws. After I met Steele Jones in a men’s Bible study, I began to see him as the man to do the job. I have not been disappointed with his efficiency and integrity and have always found Steele to be prepared and helpful. I recommend him without reservation. – Bill M., Chattanooga, TN

I was executor of my mother’s will several years ago and had a very experienced and competent attorney I was working with. There was an IRA involved and the attorney did not realize the estate was required to take a minimum distribution. Fortunately, I engaged the services of Steele Jones for the estate tax return and he discovered the estate was facing thousands of dollars in penalties for not taking the distribution. Steele wrote a letter to the IRS explaining the oversight and that we had now taken the distribution. I would highly recommend Steele Jones to anyone that is executor of a will especially where an inherited IRA is involved. – Dan F., Chattanooga, TN

For many years in the past, I was able to fill out our tax returns using one of the programs that I purchased. When we made private investments in some oil and gas projects, I was not able to use the programs due to the required complex reporting. By providing the year-end tax statements to Steele Jones, CPA I was able to have our tax returns done properly and with no stress on my part. – George L., Chattanooga, TN